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> Interbike 2005

Interbike 2005 Trade Show
Sands Convention Center - Las Vegas, NV
28-30 September 2005
Photos & Reporting by Anthony D. Morrow
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Clif tried something different last year, going with a blackjack table for interactive entertainment after having had a shuffleboard the previous two. Well, we told them we preferred the shuffleboard and others must have, too, because it was back for 2005.

Clif had plenty of product samples to keep us energized for all our show walking and we found ourselves going back for more several times.

We especially liked the Clif Shot Bloks, organic electrolyte chews that are a cross between gummy bears and Clif Shots. The Shot Bloks are 10 grams in size and provide about 35 calories each. Shot Bloks tasted great (strawberry was tops for us, followed by lemon-lime, and then cran-razz), so good that we had to be careful not to pop too many. Contrary to expectation, they're not sticky and don't stick together in the package. At six to a package, they're easy to pop into a jersey pocket and enjoy evenly along a ride.

Cytomax introduced their new product, Xcyto, at the show. It's an energy drink ala Red Bull and so many others and comes in a similar 8.3 ounces can. " has not speed limit" is the slogan.
This Giro display held three helmets of Lance Armstrong. At top is his time trial helmet, the Lone Star Rev 6, and below are two Atmos helmets, the Lone Star 7 Atmos is Discovery Channel Team colors and another in Tour de France yellow and black.

Interestingly, neither Lance nor his favorite bike manufacturer, Trek, were at Interbike this year. Trek, now in its 30th year, skipped Interbike in favor of its own six-day Trek World dealer event in Madison, Wisconsin, back in late August. Our invite must have gotten lost in the mail, but many of Trek's top dealers and media were there, as was Lance.

Sweat Gutr, by Tunnel Vision, is like a headband but it's not. Instead of trapping sweat before it drips down to your eyes, the Sweat Gutr channels sweat away to the side using a patented design that includes a micro-lip. It's like "a gutter for your head", and unlike a regular headband, it won't get saturated, fits easily under helmets, and is fully adjustable.

Dean Wilson of Anaerobic Zone showed off a bike fitted with his sweat blocking covers. Sweat can eat away and damage bike frames and components, so Dean came up with these durable fitted covers and floor matt to keep the sweat off when you use a bike on a trainer. The covers are easily cleaned in a washer, or simply by hosing them off. Dean doesn't have a website (that we know of), but you can ream him at 509.996.3643, or

It's not the only type of product on the market, but this brand was new to us. Even if you've never gotten saddle sores before, you'll be surprised at how a nice anti-chafing cream makes a long ride feel.

Active Sport Cream, by PuraCare, is a specially formulated barrier cream to help protect the skin from damage caused by chafing. It contains aloe and lanolin and essential vitamins A, D, and E.

Hoss Technical Gear makes durable, affordable, and stylish mountain bike clothing. As previously stated, we're not really into the MTB scene, but we mention Hoss because they're a local company (Brea, CA) and because they're clothing really is good looking. It doesn't have a "cycling" look and is likely to be the kind of clothing people entering the sport (road or mountain bike) could wear and feel comfortable in, especially off the bike, as opposed to Lycra.
This NiteRider display is a reminder that there are many options for cyclists to keep riding after the time change and winter darkness come along. Having the right light helps you to see the rode and also helps drivers see you. Get your training in and be safe.

At the Fox Fury booth, head-mounted LED lights were on display. The gentleman there explained why some of the lights had blue or green LEDs among the white ones. He said the colored light combinations help the human eye to see better in those conditions.

ReminderBand manufactures custom silicone bracelets that became all the rage after Lance's LIVESTRONG bracelets set the pace. They are the official manufacturer of Tour de France wristbands sold at this year's Tour.

We're not wristband wearers but we see them everywhere and there's no sign of people letting up on wearing them, which is why ReminderBand probably has a strong future ahead creating custom wristbands for causes, events, or whatever.

ReminderBand will make your custom wristband with debossed message and any of their 24 "stock" colors in batches of as little as 20. They've also introduced a new style of band, the tire band, that has a mountain bike tire knobby texture.

Dan Pollock shows us how easy it is to use the Wally LiftMate by Raizit. Wally is a wall-mounted, self-rising bike hanger/bike rack. It uses a hydraulic spring to easily raise a bike off the floor and below the ceiling. It can be mounted on drywall or on studs and is great because it gets a bike out of the way easily--no heavy lifting. And because of the long swing of the arm, you can choose to use the space below without having to move stuff or have it get hit when you access the bike above. You can store another bike, small table, or other gear below and the bike and arms swing out beyond.
Tri-Flow now has a Rapid Clean Dry Degreaser. Unlike its Citrus Cleaner Degreaser, the Rapid Clean is fast evaporating and requires no rinsing to quickly dissolve oil, grease, grime, wax, and metallic particles. It comes in a 15 oz. aerosol trigger can.
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