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Ride Name: New Year's Day Ride

Start Time & Location
Starts in Belmont Shore at Bay Shore Ave & 2nd Street at 7:55 AM. The ride picks up a large group of riders as it goes by the Long Beach/Alamitos Bay Marina and turns south from 2nd Street onto PCH at around 8:00 AM.

The Marina is a good place to park and catch the ride since there is ample parking and it's where many of the people who are doing the ride start from. Click here for a map by Yahoo. See the end of this page for detailed route info.

Excerpts from an article in the Orange County Register, January 2, 2001, by Lori Basheda

New Year's Day Ride Photos

SoCal New Year's Day Ride 2007

by George Vargas

SoCal New Year's Day Ride 2007


SoCal New Year's Day Ride 2007


SoCal New Year's Day Ride 2003

SoCal New Year's Day Ride 2003

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Like the grunions that hurl themselves onto the sand or the swallows that return to Capistrano, hundres of bicyclists rose before dawn New Year's Day and found themselves pedaling wildly down PCH.

It happens every year. Some cyclists refer to it as the New Year's Day Ride. Others call it The PCH Ride.

No one seems to know who started it, or why, or when. There is no organizer. Nor is there an official starting time or location.

But the ride has been drawing cyclists from all over Southern California and beyond for at least 10 years, veterans say.
The ride began Monday with a few dozen people pulling into a foggy parking lot around 7 a.m. at the corner of PCH and Second Street in Long Beach, a couple of miles north of Seal Beach.

At 7:45, as though they had gotten some silent message from the cycling gods, people started mounting their bikes and pedaling south.

Then things got interesting. Clusters of cyclists, many in racing gear, waited on street corners all along PCH. When they spotted the pack approaching, someone would shout, "Here they come!" and seconds later they were sucked into the speeding swarm.
It's a progressive ride that swells as it goes, and on this morning it picked up about 400 cyclists, eventually swallowing the entire southbound side of [PCH] upon entering Corona del Mar.
Each year it's the same, they say. The ride starts out sociably, but picks up speed around Huntington Beach, getting faster and faster. The pack is tight, and if wheels connect, someone's going down.
At Dana Point, the pack split up. Some doubled back on PCH. A more ambitious group turned inland on the riverbed trail and up into the hills. The long way wound up being a five-hour, 100-mile trek.

Bicycling Magazine lists the New Year's Day Ride in it's "Special Guide: Best Rides In 100 Cities"(Nov. 2002)
DON'T MISS: Skip the fifth round of champagne so you can get our of bed in time to join 1,000 other cyclists on Velo Allegro's New Year's Day ride.

Route Info
This is the route I've come to know over the past few years. Sometimes there are minor deviations but this route is tried and true and will get you out and back for about 90 miles of riding, Marina to Marina. -ADM

  • South on PCH to city of Dana Point
  • From PCH, right turn onto Green Lantern St.
  • Left turn onto Cove Rd. (a steep descent)
  • Left turn onto Dana Point Harbor Dr.
  • Right turn onto Park Lantern
  • Regroup and refuel at Doheny State Beach bathrooms near San Juan Creek bicycle trail.
  • Continue up San Juan Creek bike trail (north), cross bridge to path on east side of creek
  • Bike trail ends and dumps out to Avenida De La Vista (north)
  • Right onto Oso Rd., then left onto Camino Capistrano (north)
  • Right onto Avery Parkway, under 5 Fwy.
  • Left onto Marguerite Parkway
    NOTE: Sometimes an extra mile of climbing is thrown in by riding past Marguerite and then turning left onto a road of Saddleback College. It dumps back out onto Marguerite northbound.
  • Left onto Trabuco Rd. (west/northwest)
  • Regroup and refuel at the 7-Eleven at the northwest corner of Trabuco Rd. and Lake Forest Dr.
  • Continue along Trabuco Rd. (west). Trabuco Rd. turns into Irvine Blvd.
  • Left on Jamboree Rd. (south)
  • Left on Edinger Ave. (east)
  • Right on Harvard Ave. (south)
  • From Harvard, cross Barranca and enter the San Diego Creek Channel bike path at the southwest corner
  • San Diego Creek Channel south, cross bridge to east side of channel
  • Exit San Diego Creek Channel bike path at Jamboree Rd. and Eastbluff Dr. (aka University Dr.)
  • Right turn on Eastbluff Dr. (southwest)
  • Right turn on Backbay Dr. (west). Backbay Dr. is a one way road for cars but bicycles can proceed in the opposite direction
  • Backbay Dr. leads out to Jamboree Rd., but before it does, make a right turn and get on the bike path to the left of the gated parking entrance for the RV park.
  • The bike path dumps out to Bayside Dr.
  • Left onto Bayside Dr.
  • Right onto PCH (west/northwest)
  • PCH back to the Alamitos Bay Marina


Info by Anthony D. Morrow
Updated 11 December 2006

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