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In 1988, the newly formed Velo Allegro Cycling Club in Long Beach, CA registered as a racing club with USCF.  Fast forward to today and the club has grown to over 100 members.

While the Club’s membership numbers have certainly changed, one thing has always remained the same — our mission  to be a great cycling club that provides a safe and welcoming environment for members to achieve their cycling goals.
Our members actively engage in cycling activities that encompass everything from recreational fun-and-fitness rides, to the heart-throbbing, adrenaline-pumping action of racing on the road, dirt and track.

Frank Said ⏤ Newsletter / Website

I've been with Velo Allegro since 1990.  I love being a member of VA and riding with my mates.

Jay Farrell ⏤ Treasurer

I focused my cycling allegiance on Velo Allegro in about 2017. Lots of comradery, hills, and thrills have followed.

Lydia Gadaleda ⏤ VP

31 Velo Allegro years have been mostly breathless and nothing but FUN!  More to come.

Shelly Imhoff ⏤ President

I began my adventure with Velo Allegro in 2005. It has brought fun and friendship since day one.

Fil Labastida ⏤ Secretary

I love riding with Velo Allegro for its’ positive culture and competitive atmosphere.

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