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Bikes for Kids Donations
  • Bikes for Kids Donations

Bikes for Kids Donations


Please donate to Bikes for Kids.


Velo Allegro bike club in Long Beach request money each year from club members and the community to purchase over 100 bicycles for all third graders in one elementary school in a low income area of Long Beach. Not only does the club buy the bikes at $90 each, but they also assemble them and teach the children how to ride a bike and to be safe.


Here is a photo of the school stage last year with all bikes. The entire third grade comes to the school assembly having written an essay about why they need a bike with the expectation only one child will win the contest. When they open the curtains and announce that everyone wins a bike, the kids cry and scream with joy and say things like: I never thought I’d ever have a bike.


Please help make this happen for these children again this year.


The website only allows fixed prices. Please edit the quantity to achieve the donation that you wish to make. 

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